Manoj Bhor

I am a Analytics Assistant Manager with extensive experience.

My adventure began with an epiphany at a tech conference, igniting my curiosity for AI's potential. I dived headfirst into learning, mastering AI's use-cases, and tackling real-world challenges, ultimately saving millions with predictive maintenance solutions. Guided by a mentor, I delved into the depths of Deep Learning, navigated AI's ethical challenges, and emerged as an expert capable of solving complex problems across various domains. Now, standing on the cusp of the future, my journey exemplifies the transformative power of curiosity and passion in the ever-evolving landscape of AI and Machine Learning.

Working with me means working with someone always on the lookout for innovative solutions to old problems.

Work experience

Analytics - Asst. Manager

Emcure Pharmaceuticals / Aug 2022 - Present

In this role, I helped my team deliver our company’s first virtual reality product from start to completion.

ArificiaI Intelligence / Machine Learning Engineer

Exo-Field Engineering / June 2020 - August 2022

I worked in developing new and streamlined approaches to project delivery. I helped & performed working along with patient based projects.

AI/ML Specialist

Dahlia Technology / December 2018 - May 2020

Client - UPL. Solving Problem statement to end solutions using various stacks and edge technology.

Areas of expertise

Project managament
Resource management
Data Science & Data Engineering
Software Developer

Myworld Techno / June 2017 - November 2018

Worked on Backend As well as Frontend using Java in backend.

Recent projects

Helped to create a semantic search application.
Managed a project developing a computer vision app.
Headed a team restructuring project flow to minimize waste. Data Architecture refinement.